1. 1.Do you invest in projects you work on ?

  2. No                                                                        

  1. 2.What basis do you work on ?

  2. In every assignment an engagement agreement is executed between us and the client. The agreement describes in detail the scope of our work and the basis of the co operation

  1. 3.What is your fee structure ?

  2. Our fee structure is based on a success fee with milestone payments as appropriate. The success fee is based on the value of the transaction. It is payable subject to closing of the transaction

  1. 4.How long time will it take to sell my company ?

  2. We work with a time frame of 6 -12 months. However we have been involved in 4 months as well as 3 years processes

  1. 5. What is my company worth ?

  2. Valuation of a company is a complex issue. We need to understand the company before a DCF and Peer Group analysis will give a meaningful indication of the expected price

  1. 6.How many prospective buyers will you approach ?

  2. We identify a broad universe of buyers. Through research, analysis and market intelligence we draw up a  targeted short list together with the client. 

  1. 7.How will you approach prospective buyers ?

  2. We discuss and advise on this during the structuring of the transaction.  We never approach a prospective buyer without the consent of the client

  3. 8.Can you help us pursuing an acquisition strategy ?                                             

  4. We assist in identifying a broad universe of potential targets and a targeted short list. We do the initial approach, facilitate meetings, propose deal structure and price, draft LoI and participate in the execution of the transaction

  1. 9.Can you do our IPO ?

    The underwriter will do your IPO. We support

    you with core competence about the dynamics    

    of the process and the market 

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